About Us

Based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Oaks Mental Health offers training to organizations and individuals across Canada. We are passionate about equipping helping professionals to be skilled and compassionate in supporting peoples’ mental health.

Our education emphasizes evdience-based approaches and practical applications. We work with a diverse range of organizations including schools, non-profits, clinics, hospitals, social services, care homes, and more.

Our Services

Our Values


We believe that empathy is essential to any effective mental health intervention.


People have the right to make their own choices, even if we disagree with them.


We believe people have valuable wisdom and insight into their own lives and should be consulted on how to move forward.


We actively acknowledge the pervasive impact of trauma and the necessity of creating safe environments.

Harm Reduction

We do not view addiction or substance use as moral failings and recognize that abstinence is not always possible or helpful.


We acknowledge and talk about how sex, gender, class, race, ability, health status, body size, religion, etc. affect peoples’ experiences.


We highlight the ways people show strength in their suffering even when its hard to see.

Our Team

Cara Taylor, BSW, MSW, RSW.


Cara Taylor is the founder of Oaks Mental Health, a therapist, and a mental health educator.. Through Oaks Mental Health, she has facilitated over 250 public speaking events, workshops, and trainings focused on mental health. Previously, she has worked in diverse mental health contexts as a social worker including mobile crisis response and inpatient psychiatry. Beyond professional credentials, Cara has lived experience of mental illness and suicide loss. Both her personal and professional experiences have profoundly shaped her knowledge of mental health. For her, education is a powerful way of encouraging compassion and kindness in response to mental health struggles.

Maddie Wandler, BSW, RSW.


Maddie Wandler is a registered social worker, therapist, and mental health educator. She has worked in mental health support roles including group home support worker, crisis counsellor, and ADHD coach. Beyond professional experience, Maddie’s has lived experience of facing severe mental health struggles as a youth, supporting family members living with chronic illness and disability, and identifying as a member of the 2LGBTQA+ community. Maddie’s favourite thing about mental health education is the “ah-ha!” moments when the information gained creates a deeper understanding of one’s own struggles and those of others, paving the way for healing and compassion.

Sam Stinn, B.A.


As the administrator at Oaks Mental Health, Sam is the human behind hello@oaksmentalhealth.ca. Coming from an eclectic background of working in the non-profit sector, perfecting latte art at a local coffee shop, and teaching piano for close to a decade, Sam’s interests and skills are expansive. At Oaks, Sam handles the nitty gritty details to keep everything running (mostly) smoothly and organized.