Supporting Clients through Difficult Emotions

  • by Cara
  • Course level: Intermediate


Core Learning Objectives

  1. To understand how stress is connected to anxiety, anger, and sadness.
  2. To recognize signs of anxiety, anger, and sadness in clients on phone calls.
  3. To know how to respond compassionately to distressed clients.
  4. To know practical strategies and tools for calming anxious and angry clients.
  5. To know practical strategies and tools for comforting sad clients.

Topics for this course

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Stress is something we're all familiar with, but it can be quite a complex topic. In this section we are going to explore the cumulative nature of stress, our capacity to cope with stress, and how anger, anxiety, and sadness are natural responses to overwhelming stress.
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Introduction to Stress0:56
The Stress Spectrum
The Perceived Stress Scale00:00:00
Walking Through Water2:06
Paul and Shira
Answer Key: Paul and Shira
The Window of Tolerance2:25
Fight, Flight or Freeze2:18
The Rainbow of Emotional Regulation
Check Your Understanding
Key Takeaways

The EVEN Approach?

When clients express anger, sadness, sadness, or apathy it can be helpful to use the EVEN approach. EVEN stands for Empathize, Validate, Encourage, and Negotiate. This section will introduce how to use the EVEN approach in your day-to-day work.


This section will teach specific considerations and approaches for navigating calls with angry clients.


This section will teach specific considerations and approaches for navigating calls with anxious clients.


This section will teach specific considerations and approaches for navigating calls with sad clients.

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I have a social work background so I felt some of this was already known to me. However, I think it was a good over view and my co-workers would find this very valuable. I appreciated that it was directed to WCB.

Love the course - great tips on how to handle difficult situations and all examples were very relatable to what we do.

I really like this format and the ability to stop and continue as I needed to fit my schedule. I didn't like how the quizzes did not show up in the first go through of material and felt I had to back track to get to the quizzes.

Very informative and helpful!

Very informative

Great, insightful information.

This was super beneficial, and something I wish I had a long time ago. The examples were super helpful.

It was very informative, a lot of great examples of discussions and responses.

It was great! Loved how all the examples were relatable to our work.


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