Calming Through Connection: Foundational De-Escalation Strategies (SOLD OUT)

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Calming Through Connection: Foundational De-Escalation Strategies (SOLD OUT)

Day 1: Theoretical Background

1. Why do we need to de-escalate others? What causes escalation in others? 

  • Systemic factors leading to escalated emotions in others.

2. Emotional safety

  • How the brain and body operate when emotionally safe vs. emotionally unsafe

3. The role of trauma

  • Loss of control and powerlessness as triggering escalated emotions.
  • How the fight or flight response is an attempt to regain safety.
  • Understanding how someone becomes “triggered.”

4. The cycle of escalation

  • Understanding and recognizing each stage and appropriate interventions for each.

5. Compassionate Boundaries

  • Defining what boundaries are and their relevance to de–escalation


Day 2: Practicing De-Escalation Skills

1. Our own emotional regulation

  • How do we respond to anger?
  • How do we respond to panic?
  • Strategies for regulating our emotions in response to others

2. Co-Regulation

3. De-escalation framework

4. Practice scenarios in small groups


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NOTE: This course involves a significant amount of group work. If you are apprehensive about the idea of group work due to social anxiety or any other concern, please notify us. We would be happy to accommodate you as best we can.

Erin Redekop, BSW, RSW.

Erin is a registered social worker, therapist, and mental health educator.

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