Compassionate Crisis Response (Saskatoon)

Compassionate Crisis Response (Saskatoon)


Suicidal Thoughts

  • Risk factors and warning signs

  • Assessing the likelihood of a suicide attempt

  • Tiered responses to lower vs. higher risk suicidal thoughts

  • Creating effective, compassionate safety plans.

Panic Attacks

  • Grounding techniques.

  • Co-regulation strategies.

  • Debriefing and preventing further panic attacks.


  • Medical emergencies vs. basic first aid.

  • Collaborating alternatives to self-harm.

  • Celebrating progress.

  • Addressing relapse.


  • Diverse presentations of psychosis.

  • Addressing delusions and hallucinations.

  • Building rapport and trust.

  • Reducing external stimuli.


  • De-escalation techniques.

  • History of violence considerations.

  • Compassionate boundaries.

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NOTE: This course involves a significant amount of group work. If you are apprehensive about the idea of group work due to social anxiety or any other concern, please notify us. We would be happy to accommodate you as best we can.

This training is part of our Mental Health Essentials for Non-Profits program. Learn more here! 

Erin Redekop, BSW, RSW.

Erin is a registered social worker, therapist, and mental health educator.

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