Supporting People With Addictions (Saskatoon)

Supporting People With Addictions (Saskatoon)


  • Identifying problematic substance use.
  • Determining the impact of self-stigma / stigma.
  • Measuring recovery progress / symptom improvement.


  • How to explain addiction in non-judgmental, simple terms.
  • The link between trauma histories and addiction.
  • The physiology of addiction.


  • Essential qualities when supporting people with addictions.
  • Externalizing the addiction to foster self-compassion.
  • Mapping out the addiction: identifying triggers, creating safeguards, and relapse management.


Please email for assistance with group registrations, or if you wish to use an alternative payment method. Group discounts and student discounts are available on a case-by-case basis. 

NOTE: This course involves a significant amount of group work. If you are apprehensive about the idea of group work due to social anxiety or any other concern, please notify us. We would be happy to accommodate you as best we can.

This training is part of our Mental Health Essentials for Non-Profits program. Learn more here! 

April Derkson, BSW, RSW.

April is a registered social worker, therapist, and mental health educator.

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