Calming Through Connection: Foundational De-Escalation Strategies
The heart of effective de-escalation is to connect with people, not control them.

Length of Session: 2 full days (12 hours)
Certificate of completion included.

1-day shortened version available upon request.


Day 1: Theoretical Background

1. Why do we need to de-escalate others? What causes escalation in others? 

  • Systemic factors leading to escalated emotions in others.

2. Emotional safety

  • How the brain and body operate when emotionally safe vs. emotionally unsafe

3. The role of trauma

  • Loss of control and powerlessness as triggering escalated emotions.
  • How the fight or flight response is an attempt to regain safety.
  • Understanding how someone becomes “triggered.”

4. The cycle of escalation

  • Understanding and recognizing each stage and appropriate interventions for each.

5. Compassionate boundaries

  • Defining what boundaries are and their relevance to de–escalation


Day 2: Practicing DeEscalation Skills

1. Our own emotional regulation

  • How do we respond to anger?
  • How do we respond to panic?
  • Strategies for regulating our emotions in response to others

2. Co-regulation

3. De-escalation framework

4. Practice scenarios in small groups

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