The Weight We Carry
Through interactive activities and learning, this workshop equips you with practical knowledge and tools to improve body-image & well-being.

Length of Session: 4 hours
Participants receive a full-colour, illustrated book based on the workshop.

Shortened version available upon request.


1. The weight / mass of our bodies

  • Where and how did we learn to be ashamed of our bodies?

  • Questioning our unquestioned assumptions about what makes a body “good.”

2. The weight / burden of body-shame

  •  The impact of poor body-image on our mental health and well-being.

  • The connection between trauma and body-shame.

  • The connection between illness and body-shame.

3. The weight / importance of our presence

  • What gives a body worth?

  • How can we unlearn a lifetime of learned body-criticism?

  • Practical strategies for improving our body-image.


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