Compassionate Crisis Response (Virtual)

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Compassionate Crisis Response (Virtual)


Suicidal Thoughts

  • Risk factors and warning signs

  • Assessing the likelihood of a suicide attempt

  • Tiered responses to lower vs. higher risk suicidal thoughts

  • Creating effective, compassionate safety plans.

Panic Attacks

  • Grounding techniques.

  • Co-regulation strategies.

  • Debriefing and preventing further panic attacks.


  • Medical emergencies vs. basic first aid.

  • Collaborating alternatives to self-harm.

  • Celebrating progress.

  • Addressing relapse.


  • Diverse presentations of psychosis.

  • Addressing delusions and hallucinations.

  • Building rapport and trust.

  • Reducing external stimuli.


  • De-escalation techniques.

  • History of violence considerations.

  • Compassionate boundaries.